Here I Stand….Again!!!!

here I stand again

washed up on the shores of unfulfilled dreams

tired, frustrated but unbroken

the situation dire, without a doubt – very grim

yet every fiber of my being is awoken

for defeat is nothing but an illusion

a mirage that fades away with the onset of clarity

for in adversity lies an opportunity

to reassess, strategically reposition

even if all hopes, dashed into millions of fragments

scattered like stars in the black sea overhead

with my soul set adrift by failure

and the reckoning, fast approaching

a lack of will to fight the inevitable

with nothing but a flicker

a flame rekindled with a sense of destiny

abound with renewed strength

tapped from within the very core of my being

buoyed and kept afloat by courage unparalleled

determination, a partner, a ready ally

and success, nothing but a breath away

and so…. here I stand again!!!!


Olalekan Afolabi ©

About chessites

Life is an enigma without a doubt but I believe with education, training, personal experiences; we can learn to navigate its interconnected pathways on our journey to discovering ourselves.
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