Man’s Delusions!

Though free as the wind

Yet enmeshed in a 9-5 grind

Though mysterious as the night

Yet hope only comes with the morning light

Though destructive as man

Yet man is convinced of a grander plan

Though the waters and lands be drenched in blood in Africa

Yet man’s capitalism continues to obsess over per capita

Though man is concerned about crumbling relationships

Yet man continues to engage in only coitus courtship

Though no one ever said life was going to be a walk in the woods

Yet man expect everything to be a reflection of his various moods

Though man envisions a future of blissful perpetuity

Yet man’s societies continues to wade in moral laxity

Though man is the smartest living thing; according to man’s conclusion

Yet man continues to suffer terribly from grand delusions

Olalekan Afolabi (C)

About chessites

Life is an enigma without a doubt but I believe with education, training, personal experiences; we can learn to navigate its interconnected pathways on our journey to discovering ourselves.
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1 Response to Man’s Delusions!

  1. Ayesha says:

    Beautifully woven! captivating indeed. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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