Gradually, I feel my essence start to ebb

Watching blood gushing forth from my severed artery

Yet, I wonder, how I got caught up in this web

Enshrouding my kinsmen in grief and misery

But strange as it may seem, I feel no pain

To the contrary, I feel eerily calm and at peace

Staring fixedly at the pane that proved to be my life’s bane

Somehow wishing for the flow of blood to cease

With a smirk on its face, Death stood resolute

Knowing there is no escaping my fate

The certainty of my demise absolute

One last ditch effort at summoning faith

As I slip into eternal unconsciousness

Embracing the vast nothingness

Olalekan Afolabi ©

About chessites

Life is an enigma without a doubt but I believe with education, training, personal experiences; we can learn to navigate its interconnected pathways on our journey to discovering ourselves.
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