Rites of Passage

The rite of passage, like an old adage

Is inescapable and definitely inevitable

Nonetheless, it is very necessary

Even though we wish for the contrary

But regardless, life’s got its own ritual

Sometimes controversial, sometimes in meaning, dual –

Yet the earth continues to revolve

Despite our resolve

Sometimes the lust for a greener pasture

May seem we turn our backs on culture

Even though inherently, it is a part of life’s journey

And no matter how scary it might seem to the heart

This task, daunting like an unending tourney –

Is just like moving on; an unavoidable part

And even though we’re driven by the insatiable need

To leave our prints in the halls of time

Still we must learn to take heed

So our deeds may forever be a resonating chime

Olalekan Afolabi ©

About chessites

Life is an enigma without a doubt but I believe with education, training, personal experiences; we can learn to navigate its interconnected pathways on our journey to discovering ourselves.
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